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Ketab Corp. is the first Iranian directory publisher to post Iranian Yellow Pages on the internet exactly compatible to the Iranian yellow pages on paper (www.IranianAmericanYellowPages.com). The users can search our website by the title, addresses, phone numbers,and the type of the business.



In recent years, our members have taken advantage of our large data base of Iranian households', individual's, and businesses' e-mail addresses and have informed the public regarding their promotions and business activities.




Ketab Corp. established the 08 event center (08.net/08event) and 08 tickets Center (08tickets.com) to provide information which apply to the event occurrences in the Iranian American Community. We have built up a computerized system of selling tickets for events, such as, movies, plays, concerts, workshops, and seminars via our website.

Ketab Corp. has been established the first Iranian American Information Center in Persian and English language. Phone number 310-IRAN 411 since late 2009. Los Angeles Times picked up the story and the following is the link to the story (Sunday 12/20/2009 by Robert Farurechi http://articles.latimes.com/2009/dec/20/local/la-me-info-line20-2009dec20).

Ketab Corp. has been a member of YPPA (Yellow Pages Publishers Association) since 1987 and has been the winner of 1992 APPY Gold award for Marketing Innovation and the 1994 APPY Bronze award for Community Services.

Iranshahr is a publication of Ketab corp. Ketab Corp. is the publisher of Iranshahr magazine since 1995. Presently,Iranshahr is being published in two different formats based on its readers' demand: as biweekly crossword Iranshahr, and as monthly cultural and political Iranshahr.

Our bookstore and publishing departments, in conjunction with our information center have helped numerous clients and researchers who opt for raising their knowledge on Persian culture


Iranian Yellow Pages and Iranian Information Center

Getting to know us



Ketab Corp. is a California Corporation which was established in Los Angeles County since early 1981. We have been publishing a telephone directory for more that 3 decades (The first directory published in June 1981).


 Products and services:

Ketab Corp. has been the first entity in the world to publish yellow pages in Persian and English. Ketab Corp. has been the first publisher in the world to combine calendars (Gregorian, Iranian Solar, Hebrew and Arabic), as well as publishing business listing as the pocket yellow pages.


Ketab Corp. has been established the first Iranian Information Center in USA (since 1981).
Rendering services according to the requirements and needs of the Iranian community
over the phone, 24 hours a day 7 days a week

8.00 am - 8.00 pm via telephone live operators.
8.00 pm - 8.00 am via computer


Ketab Corp. established the 08 information center for Iranian community since 1987. (The 08 was the number for telephone center of Tehran and Iranian cities pre 1971). Ketab Corp.

adopted and re-invented the combination of 08 for its phone number 818-9 08 08 08

.Ketab Corp. has been established the toll free 08 information center for the Iranian community

since 1991.

800-9 08 08 08

  Ketab Corp. is the first Iranian directory publisher in providing business information along with their display advertisements on the internet (www.08.net) since 1996. Our website members can advertise their businesses by regular advertisement as appears on the yellow pages, as well as by linking and showing their radio and television (audio/video) advertisement clips.
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